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☎️ Phone

My daily phone is an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and yes is the one with the frosted Midnight Green glass at the back. Super love how it looks. I’ve been an iPhone guy since the iPhone 5 and I believe I don’t plan to change anytime soon. Main reason being on how deep I am with the whole Apple eco-system. There is literally no phone now that allows me to easily AirDrop content from my phone to my laptop, continue surfing where I left off, continue writing my email on my phone and many more sweet Apple integrations that I cannot live without.

⌨️ Keyboard

My to go keyboard is a Royal Kludge G68 keyboard with some nice clicky brown switches. Just the way I like it.

🐭 Mouse

The Logitech MX-Master is no doubt my favorite mouse now. Love the buttery smooth scroll wheel and the horizontal scroller. I have never thought how useful it is to have a horizontal scroller, especially in times where your code runs off your screen.


📒 Notion

If you are someone who likes things to be organized, you will love Notion. It have done wonders in organizing my life, studies and work. I super duper love Notion, and I’d definitely recommend anyone to try it out themselves as even the simplest version is free. Overall, this the app that provides the most functionality for me.

🔔 TickTick

There are literally so many To-Do apps in the market and there is one for every different type of person you are. I’ve personally have been loving TickTick and the seamless experience it has across different platform from phone to desktop. And I super love integrations and TickTick makes it so easy for me to integrate it with my existing calendar.

📝 Visual Studio Code

This is ultimately my go-to code editor. Not only it is light and fast, it has tons of customization from the way it looks to cool extensions to see what is playing currently on my Spotify. I have a post talking about some of my personal favorites extensions over here.